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MMB Control

MMB Control is an engineering firm specializing in consulting in Oil & Gas Industry R&D projects. It is privately owned, multi-shared company, strongly attached to the Polytechnic of Gdansk and other Universities in Poland. It is a purely multi-disciplined R&D engineering company involved in many different commercial projects and researches, mainly for Oil and Gas Industry. We are proud of being more than just a consulting service; we find pride in ourselves on being problem solvers. MMB Control is a small business with just enough power to take on any sophisticated job. We have been in the consulting business for many years and are growing faster than ever. Whether your job or project requires specialized technical expertise in engineering, or computer fields we have the means to help you accomplish what you need. Our Engineering Project Managers lead development on separate projects. All consultants and other professional help will work on single, specialized contract bases. All resources will be scouted out from leading Universities and highly skilled scientist. We have been working on the international scale for over 6 years, under different names with numerous clients throughout the world. We are confident that as our experience increases, so will our abilities to suit all of your business needs.


All of our projects are kept highly confidential.